How it works

There are two ways of sending SMS messages using our platform:

  • Through network - the messages are sent directly to mobile network operators through internet.
  • Using your phone(s) - the messages are sent through your phone(s) by connecting them to our platform using our Android App
How it works
The second method offers you a lower cost and the possibility to send SMS from your own phone number. Please see the prices page for more details.

Start in 6 simple steps

  1. 1Register, it's free
  2. 2Create a new group in the Groups / Contacts section
  3. 3Add or import contacts in the newly created group
  4. 4Download and install our mobile app on your phone
    optional, only for sending through your phone(s)
  5. 5Log in to your mobile app so your phone will connect, and in the Devices section you will see the connection status
    optional, only for sending through your phone(s)
  6. 6Create a new campaign using the Send SMS section