Privacy policy

Data security

Using, you are responsible for the protection and confidentiality of personal authentication data. In case of which you suspect that for liable or non-liable reasons the privacy of the data has been affected, you are bound to notify to block access to your account and a new access account will be generated. will not use in any way and will not make information public from your account or resulting from its use.

Personal data

The data we can store is:

  • name, phone number, address, email address.
We will use your personal data in the following cases:
  • for contract / billing and messages related to our business relationship
  • to improve our services
  • for alerts related to your account / device status
  • for promotions or new features available on
To protect your personal uploaded databases on our platform we will ensure a high level of security through PaaS solutions (Platform as a Service) offered by our partners. According to GDPR we will provide tools of subscribing / unsubscribing your customers.

Mobile application

The mobile application will use your personal data from your phone by permissions required at installation or later strictly to facilitate the proper operation of our services and to serve the purpose for which the application is used. We will not use the mobile application to send unwanted SMS or to send SMS to numbers with surcharge. All personal data provided by the mobile application will be used only to ensure a pleasant experience and a functioning in the normal parameters of our services.

All information about your activity on the platform are stored in the archive for 12 months. You have the right to modify / delete your data by making a request using our contact section.