Terms and conditions

Use of our services

By accessing this web site / application or smsadvert.ro mobile application, you agree to these conditions of use. smsadvert.ro as the author / owner of this service, managed by the SYNAPTECH SERVICES SRL company will reserve the right to modify the content and services of this product without a prior notification.


The web site, the web application and the mobile application smsadvert.ro will be generically named below "smsadvert.ro", and the owner of a smsadvert.ro account will be named "user".

Lack of liability

smsadvert.ro does not assume liability for any loss or damage that someone may suffer from using smsadvert.ro services and does not guarantee the availability of 100% of products and services contained in the descriptions of this website. smsadvert.ro does not assume liability for possible violations of the law as a result of any use of the service in a defective or illegal manner.

Obligations of the user

The user undertakes to use the SMS sending service provided by smsadvert.ro within the limits of the law, being the only one responsible for the work he / she carries out through the smsadvert.ro service. The user will ensure that SMS sending will be done with the acceptance of recipients and they will have the opportunity to unsubscribe. In case of sending through own devices, the user will be insured that the sending of the SMS will be done in accordance with the terms and conditions imposed by the GSM operator to which it is connected.

Return policy

The user who purchased a unit package may request returning the value of the purchase price in the following situations:

  • the application is not available for use in normal parameters for a longer period than 72 hours
  • smsadvert.ro has not adhered to its terms, conditions or privacy policy
The purchase amount will be returned within 15 days. The request for return must be emailed to the address on the contact page. If in the meantime the user has consumed some of the purchased units, only the value of the units not consumed will be returned and not the entire package.

Cancellation Policy

The user can cancel the order without any reason before activation of the package, even if the payment was made in the meantime. The user can cancel the order via email at the email address on the contact page.

Delivery Policy

After the user purchases a unit package using wire transfer, he is required to send proof of payment to the email address on the contact page, and smsadvert.ro will activate the package of units purchased within 24 hours of receipt of the proof. After activation, the units will be available in the user account and will be used to send SMS acordingly to the scheme described on the pricing page.


Terms and conditions of using smsadvert.ro service are subject to Romanian legislation in force.

Last Updated: November 27, 2021.