The secrets of a successful SMS marketing campaign

Statistics show that 8.5 trillion SMS messages are sent on average every year globally. Daily are sent 22 times more SMS than tweets and 14 times more than facebook messages.

With these statistics is no wonder that the marketing teams find SMS advertising a very powerful tool to lead campaigns to success. In many industries, sms marketing is the main method of direct marketing.

If you already have started an SMS marketing campaign or you just think about starting one, here are some tips that are extremely useful according to the tests conducted by major marketing teams:

Simple and short

This rule is the most important of all and it can lead to amazing results. Many of the mobile phone companies limits messages to 160 characters, it is very important that your message falls within this limit or at least the first part of the message transmits the essence of your campaign.

For example, a short and simple message can be this: "Get a 40% discount on your next order. This offer expires in 2 days. Visit".

This message can do wonders because it hits the target, it contains simple instructions, and lets you know that the offer expires soon which leads the client to do an immediate action. In an SMS marketing campaign, it is also important to include an offer which might fulfill the needs of most of your recipients.

Choose the right time

There are two important aspects of time for a successful campaign in SMS marketing. Campaigns should always have a deadline, preferably for a maximum of several days, because it will benefit a greater success than those that offer deals for unlimited periods.

The second aspect is about the time and day in which your SMS marketing campaign is taking place. It turned out in time as being more efficient the campaigns running around 10am. Campaigns that take place in weekends have a lower impact. These rules apply in most SMS marketing campaigns, but do not apply to all of the cases. You should test different hours and days, then evaluate results to make sure you run your campaigns at the right moment.

Segmenting customers

Very many people complain about the marketing messages they receive and often they find them useless. Try to always send useful messages for your clients, messages must be personalized depending on their needs. Create different lists of contacts according to age, interests, actions registered on the site, your application. Considering that most people already use a smartphone, make sure the impact of campaigns is measured, so you get closer to the needs of each client.

Shorten the links

Links in your campaigns can be very long and do not fit in the 160 characters available in a message. Use services such as or to shorten your links. Another advantage which short links give you is to monitor more easily the clicks from SMS messages sent by you, so you will be able to see what is the impact of your SMS marketing campaign.

In conclusion

If you find the perfect balance between the content of the message, time of sending and people targeted for your campaign you will be amazed by the results of your SMS marketing campaign.

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